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Intruder Alarm and CCTV Installations in the Farnborough Area

While we are located in Farnborough, Logic Services cover all surrounding locations in the Southern Home Counties and the South East including Guildford, Basingstoke and Reading. In an age where security is becoming more important to many of us, we protect properties with access control and CCTV installations. Logic Services can also supply and install door entry systems and intruder alarms at any domestic or commercial property.


On this page, we look at the core products supplied by our company and the supporting services we provide for clients in and around Farnborough.


Access Control Systems – Today’s modern access control systems give you complete control over who enters your property. Advancement in technology allows entry to your property through passwords, PIN numbers, physical keys and electronic keys. The most advanced access control systems allow entry through biometric scanning.


Door Entry Systems – While door entry systems generally do the same job as access control systems, audio and video technology is used to identify individuals at the entry point to a property. Clients in Farnborough and all parts of the surrounding area can choose from door entry systems equipped with wired, wireless, DECT radio or GSM capabilities.


Intruder Alarms – While preventing a breach of property is always a more proactive choice, intruder alarms can be used to notify homeowners or a manned control centre of a possible intrusion. Wired and wireless intruder alarms minimise the possibility of a successful break-in and can also act as a deterrent to would-be intruders, thieves and assailants.


CCTV Installations – Logic Services have already completed successful CCTV installations in Farnborough and many surrounding locations including Guildford, Basingstoke and Reading. Modern CCTV installations allow for remote viewing so, if you’re working away or taking a holiday, you can still monitor activity at a property on a laptop or a handheld device.

The Complete Installation, Maintenance and Repair Service


Access control and CCTV installations are major parts of our business but our long-term outlook is to provide you with a complete security service that also covers your maintenance and repair needs. Some companies in Farnborough and the surrounding Home Counties install intruder alarms or door entry systems then disappear into the night.


Once you become a customer at Logic Services, we want you to remain a customer for life. We are available to provide a full range of maintenance and repair services on all systems we’ve installed personally and for any security features at your property that may have been fitted previously by another team of installers or contractors.

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From access control equipment and intruder alarms to CCTV installations and door entry systems, we have the Farnborough area covered as your personal security experts.