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FAQs on Access Control Systems and Intruder Alarms in Reading

Logic Services are suppliers of access control and door entry systems to clients in the Reading area. Based in Basingstoke, we also cover Reading and Berkshire with CCTV installations and newly-fitted intruder alarms. We deliver the complete property protection service for a wide, diverse range of domestic and commercial clients. Here, we answer your most common questions on security devices and the products and services we offer throughout the Reading area.


How will CCTV installations protect my property?


First and foremost, we believe that CCTV installations are an active deterrent against intruders at your Reading property. Many potential burglars won’t run the risk of being identified or recorded to DVD. Even if a break-in does occur, recorded footage often helps to identify intruders and can ultimately secure a conviction.

CCTV installations, however, are not just about deterring burglars. By monitoring activity around businesses and schools, in particular, clients in the Reading area can help to minimise risk and implement control measures based on the images they see.


How do intruder alarms offer protection when a property is under attack?


In most case, the shrill noise from intruder alarms will send a potential attacker or burglar running. Intruders are also aware of the technology behind modern intruder alarms. Even the most determined burglar won’t stay inside a Reading property long enough to find all of your valuables because your alarm may be linked to a control centre.


24-hour control centre monitoring can be integrated with many of our top-branded intruder alarms. The centre receives notification of a potential breach as it happens and will notify police or security personnel to attend your home or business immediately.


What exactly is access control and do I need it?


Access control refers to any system, or any form of mechanism, that manages entry to a property in Reading through authorisation procedures or restrictions. Access control systems are most commonly found at businesses or communal buildings. In an age where nothing is certain, it pays to only grant access to authorised visitors or personnel. If you have a property with high-risk areas or high value assets, we recommend that you call us for a free initial consultation on your access control options.


Is access control that same as door entry systems?


In some ways, yes, but access control systems usually operate through passwords, swipe cards, ID fobs or biometric scanning capabilities. Door entry systems usually operate using video or audio technology, which makes them particularly suitable for manned business properties in Reading where your own staff or security can control access themselves. Door entry systems also have residential capabilities and are often used at country properties close to Reading where there are gated driveway access points.


To discuss CCTV installations, access control systems, door entry systems and intruder alarms for your Reading property, arrange your free consultation with Logic Services today.