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Security and Access Control Systems in Basingstoke Explained

Our convenient location in Farnborough gives us easy access into the surrounding Southern Home Counties. Basingstoke is one of many local areas where we design and install access control and door entry systems. If you’re considering intruder alarms or CCTV installations for a property in Basingstoke, Logic Services can help with that too.


Here, we provide a basic insight into our four key products so that domestic, commercial and communal property owners can choose systems which work best for their needs.


Door Entry Systems

Maintain controlled and secure entry to any property in Basingstoke with video and audio door entry systems from Logic Services. The admission of visitors, customers, residents and staff is managed in such a way as to maintain complete onsite security while still making authorised access to your property as simple as possible.


Door entry systems can be designed and installed around the needs and requirements of each individual property. Logic Services can also integrate additional equipment and features such as code access keypads, biometric readers and key fob ID.


Access Control

Electronic access control is the most effective and convenient measure in protecting properties and assets. Whether your property in Basingstoke has one user or hundreds each day, we’ll be able to recommend suitable access control measures to meet your demands. Multi-site access control can provide full management for several thousand personnel.


If a swipe card or a fob is lost, it can be deleted from the system so that it won’t operate again in the future. A new card or fob can be issued easily without having to incur the cost of multiple lock changes as you would with a traditional key and lock system.


CCTV Installations

CCTV Installations can be designed so that they not only secure your Basingstoke premises but also complement it. From basic installations which can deter shoplifters to high-end systems with internal and external coverage, anti-vandalism capabilities and full user control, we can provide you with CCTV installations that offer full 24-hour protection.


All cameras on your system can be viewed individually and images can be recorded to a drive or a DVD. Our CCTV installations in Basingstoke can also be configured so that property owners can view activity on a handheld device or laptop from a remote location.


Intruder Alarms

Home Office reports indicate that as many as 84% of intruders and burglars are deterred by the presence of intruder alarms. If you’re running a business in Basingstoke or want to make a residential property more secure, Logic Services can recommend, design and install intruder alarms that significantly reduce the risk of unwelcome attack.


We can supply wired or wireless intruder alarms and, because our company is conversant with all industry technology, your new installation can be networked to 24-hour control centres so that the police can be immediately notified in the event of a break-in.


To discuss CCTV installations, intruder alarms, access control systems or door entry systems for your Basingstoke property, call the friendly team at Logic Services today.